Final report from 08.11.2022: Overwhelming! Faszination Modellbau & IMA make expert visitors, exhibitors and families equally happy.

Press info from 27.10.2022: The Mega Model Building Weekend is Ready to Go!

Hands-on activities at Faszination Modellbau & Int. Model railroad exhibition Friedrichshafen

IIm (G) Gauge: Model railway layouts on show
Passion IIm is a module layout depicting an imaginary metric line and imaginary railway companies. The rolling stock consists mainly of LGB models that have been repainted and realistically weathered. The modular concept opens up countless possibilities for adaptation to the respective ...more

1 Gauge: Model railway layouts on show
The layout, set in epochs 1 and 2, has three stations and a curve radius of 2.4 metres. The background is comprised of a half relief and a full relief, and corresponding platforms of brick, gravel and asphalt. Due to the backdrop and indirect lighting, the layout has the appearance of ...more

0 Gauge: Model railway layouts on show
The layout consists of a large oval with a 2-track line, on which long trains with multiple engines – typical for America – also make their rounds. One side of the layout is dominated by enormous rock formations in a desert landscape. The route crosses a mountain gorge on traditional ...more

The H0 scale model railroad plants introduce themselves
The layout represents an Italian double track railroad line. It does not reproduce an existing stretch of road, but represents several elements typical of the Italian landscape. It consists of the transit of many classic Italian trains from Era III to the present day, including some ...more

TT Gauge: Model railways on show
The motif is not based on any concrete archetype and comprises a double-track, fully electrified main line with branch lines. Rolling stock from epochs III to VI is used. Steam and ICE operation is thus possible. Attention is focused primarily on epochs III and IV. Model track from Tillig ...more

N Gauge: Model railways on show
The layout is digitally controlled and operated via a TrainController timetable. All of the rolling stock is equipped with sound, as well as interior lighting and other details. The club takes great pride in presenting the modules with faithfully reproduced motifs of the east ramp of ...more

Z Gauge: Model railways layouts on show
Z-Freunde International will present several noteworthy Z gauge model railway layouts from a variety of builders during the International Modellbahn-Ausstellung Friedrichshafen. Z-Freunde will be on hand and look forward to answering questions and providing information.

Autograph session with Hagen von Ortloff

Junior College Europe from BDEF
At Junior College Europe, children and young people are introduced to model railroading at seven stations through free self-assembly and play. In this they are supported and guided by the supervisors. The children can make small dioramas here and then take them home. There are attractive ...more

Always in the flow – the model railroads
It's the Classic! The evergreens of the miniature worlds at the Int. Modellbahn-Ausstellung Friedrichshafen are always in flow and once again represented with Hall A1 and Hall A2 in two large exhibition halls including their own knowledge forum. The excellent diversity and creativity of ...more