IIm (G) Gauge: Passion IIm

Passion IIm is a module layout depicting an imaginary metric line and imaginary railway companies. The rolling stock consists mainly of LGB models that have been repainted and realistically weathered. The modular concept opens up countless possibilities for adaptation to the respective room size. As a result, every modular layout is unique. The layout consists of terminal stations only, so there’s no endless circling. The single track is connected to a hidden reversing loop which functions as a staging yard. The trains are controlled via a functional signal system. Emphasis is focussed on the countless shunting manoeuvres, which are fascinating for the audience. The steam engines are returned via a turntable at the terminal stations. The rolling stock is equipped with Kadee couplers. In both depicted stations, remote uncoupling by means of magnets is explained to the public.

Operator: Passion IIm, Jean-Michel Mayor, 1612 Ecoteaux, Switzerland
Layout size: 18 x 9 metres

IIm (G) Gauge: West Side Lumber Model Logging Railway

This layout depicts a US forest railway with sequoia trees up to three metres tall. Amongst other features it shows a US western town with a fully equipped saloon (with hillbilly sound), hotel rooms, a sheriff’s office with jail cells, a church with altar and benches, and two general stores. All of the locomotives – including Shay, Climax and Heisler – are aged and equipped with pulsed smoke generators, and provide for a genuine atmosphere. The layout showcases timber harvesting during the years 1880 to 1920 – transport, unloading and feeding tree trunks to the sawmill, as well as sawing the trunks and haulage of the boards on a narrow gauge railway. All of the sounds and motion effects can be triggered by the visitors using pushbuttons located around the layout.

Operator: WSL & Co. Logging Railway, Klaus P. Kerwer, 53881 Euskirchen, Germany
Layout size: 22 x 6 metres