Model railroad layouts for the Int. Modellbahn-Ausstellung 2024 wanted !
After the successful re-launch of the Faszination Modellbau with Echtdampf-Hallentreffen last year, we are pleased to announce the IMA - Int. Modellbahn-Ausstellung, Faszination Modellbau and Echtdampf-Hallentreffen mega event from November 4 to 6, 2022 at the bright and friendly ...more

Steam on the tracks: 5 and 7 ¼ inch railway layout
It is easy to be impressed by the intricacy of these mechanical masterpieces of yesteryear: elegant locomotives and proud traction engines show off their prowess in small format as they wind their way around the world's largest 5 inch and 7¼ inch model railway layout in Halls B2 and B3 at ...more

Steam on the water
Ornate ocean liners, pinnaces, sternwheelers and paddlewheelers will be on display on pedestals in Ship Model Hall A6, and some will also be launched in the 400m² water basin. Even in the model, the ships fascinate the audience and the viewer may see before him the huge and luxurious ocean ...more

Stationary steam engines
Inventiveness on the tables: The builders of the stationary steam plants are not only excellent mechanics- they are also very inventive. There is much to discover among the fine mechanical rarities and trinkets in action. The model builders love every part of their true-to-the-original ...more

Steam powered road vehicles, locomobile
The locomobiles represent an extra class at the Echtdampf-Hallentreffen, have rarity value and their presentation is a real classic. You can discover special specimens and ride along. The steam-powered road vehicles drive their parades of rarities with us, the drivers of course in ...more

The Dampffreunde Friedrichshafen will be there again

Always in the flow – the model railroads
It's the Classic! The evergreens of the miniature worlds at the Int. Modellbahn-Ausstellung Friedrichshafen are always in flow and once again represented with Hall A1 and Hall A2 in two large exhibition halls including their own knowledge forum. The excellent diversity and creativity of ...more

Final report from 08.11.2022: Overwhelming! Faszination Modellbau & IMA make expert visitors, exhibitors and families equally happy.

Press info from 27.10.2022: The Mega Model Building Weekend is Ready to Go!

Press info from 29.09.2022: The model building event from 04.-06.11.2022 is a dream trio!

Press info from 09.09.2022: Introducing the Model Railway Layouts at the 2022 International Model Railway Exhibition in Friedrichshafen
Passion IIm is a module layout depicting an imaginary metric line and imaginary railway companies. The rolling stock consists mainly of LGB models that have been repainted and realistically weathered. The modular concept opens up countless possibilities for adaptation to the respective ...more

Real steam on module layout track I and IIm
Participants from several countries let it steam on this podium facility with a circuit of about 200 meters. Next to the line, not only meadows, but also forests, villages and stations are created. Thus, all kinds of locomotives on 45mm gauge run on the module layout in a beautiful ...more

Press release from 22.06.2022: Premiere for Europe’s largest model railroad event: IMA is coming to Faszination Modellbau 2022!
When Faszination Modellbau calls, model building fans from all sectors make their way to Friedrichshafen. This is where drones and drifters, truckers and tankers, train drivers and airship captains meet. This year's event, which will take place from November 04-06, 2022, is a highlight ...more

Junior College Europe from BDEF
At Junior College Europe, children and young people are introduced to model railroading at seven stations through free self-assembly and play. In this they are supported and guided by the supervisors. The children can make small dioramas here and then take them home. There are attractive ...more