I Gauge: German Federal Railway

The layout, set in epochs 1 and 2, has three stations and a curve radius of 2.4 metres. The background is comprised of a half relief and a full relief, and corresponding platforms of brick, gravel and asphalt. Due to the backdrop and indirect lighting, the layout has the appearance of being in an aquarium. Steam locomotives by KM-1, Kiss und Märklin (all with synchronous steam output) are the highlight of this layout and magically attract the attention of numerous spectators. Another eye catcher is the steel rolling stock by Wunder-Modelle.

Operator: Spur I Team Hasselt, Paul Schraepen, 3511 Hasselt, Belgium
Layout size: 22 x 6.5 metres

I Gauge: Modellbahn Team Spur 1 Hannover

The basic shape of the layout is a triangle, extended with an additional reversing loop. There are approx. 150 metres of track, a turntable, a slip switch and 25 points. The minimum radius is 1650 mm, and the approaches to the curves are greater than 2000 mm. The layout depicts a through station on a double-track line in northern Germany. Trains on the layout are not only run in a circle – shunting from the station to the depot is also possible. The reversing loop makes travel possible from the depot, over the layout and back to the depot. The landscape is rural in character and is continuously enhanced with new ideas. Care has been taken to ensure that details (e.g. a stream with a small lake) lighten up the overall impression without making the layout appear cluttered. There’s a small farm at the reversing loop. The railway is operated digitally using Motorola and DCC protocols. The rolling stock from manufacturers Märklin, Hübner, Kiss, Benecken and KM1 is privately owned.

Operator: Modellbahn Team Spur 1 Hannover, Gerd Krauße, 30165 Hannover, Germany
Layout size: 23 x 12 metres