TT Gauge: Layout with Double-Track Main Line and Branch Lines

The motif is not based on any concrete archetype and comprises a double-track, fully electrified main line with branch lines. Rolling stock from epochs III to VI is used. Steam and ICE operation is thus possible. Attention is focused primarily on epochs III and IV. Model track from Tillig was used as rail material. A block control system is used for primary layout control by means of which the following train is always pulled into the next block according to occupancy. The trains are started from the staging yard by remote radio control or with the control panel. The main lines are equipped with signals. Each signal is connected to an automatic braking and starting system in order to provide the trains with starting and braking performance true to the original. One of the special features is a self-designed, self-made video train. Spectators have the impression that they’re riding along in the driver’s cab. Ten pushbuttons are included around the layout where interested viewers can activate certain functions themselves.

Operator: Modellbahn-Club Guben e.V., Christoph Garcia Almendaris, 03172 Guben, Germany
Layout size: 8.5 x 6 metres

TT Gauge: 2-Track Railway with Main Line Character

The club has chosen a spectator-friendly installation height of 1 metre. The depicted line is a 2-track railway with main line character and isn’t based on any specific archetype. An detailed stop and a small railway station currently complete the ensemble. The layout group is a highlight, where lots of rolling stock and wagons can be presented in exemplary configurations on a depth of 70 cm and a track length of up to 320 cm. Track connections are implemented to a certain extent without switches by means of swivel arms, and entire trains can roll out of their TrainSafe tubes onto the layout. As a new feature, guests can enjoy a branch line which reflects northern German character.

Operator: TT Modulstammtisch Hamburg-Holstein, Ralf Küster, 20257 Hamburg, Germany
Layout size: 15 x 10 metres