Centennial time travel with the Fowler D5 traction engine

The Dampffreunde Friedrichshafen at the Faszination Modellbau again with it

Steam on the water
Elegant ocean liners, steam pinnaces, stern wheelers and paddle steamers will be displayed on table-tops in Ship-Modelling Hall A6, with many models also being launched on the 400 m² large water pool. Even as models, these ships hold a fascination for their audience and give spectators the ...more

Stationary steam engines
Inventiveness on the tables: The builders of the stationary steam plants are not only excellent mechanics- they are also very inventive. There is much to discover among the fine mechanical rarities and trinkets in action. The model builders love every part of their true-to-the-original ...more

Steam powered road vehicles, locomobile
The locomobiles represent an extra class at the Echtdampf-Hallentreffen, have rarity value and their presentation is a real classic. You can discover special specimens and ride along. The steam-powered road vehicles drive their parades of rarities with us, the drivers of course in ...more

Real steam in gauge I, IIm, module plant
Participants from several countries let it steam on this podium facility with a circuit of about 200 meters. Next to the line, not only meadows, but also forests, villages and stations are created. Thus, all kinds of locomotives on 45mm gauge run on the module layout in a beautiful ...more

Steam on the tracks: 5 and 7 ¼ inch railway layout
It is easy to be impressed by the intricacy of these mechanical masterpieces of yesteryear: elegant locomotives and proud traction engines show off their prowess in small format as they wind their way around the world's largest 5 inch and 7¼ inch model railway layout in Halls B2 and B3 at ...more