22. June 2022

Press release from 22.06.2022: Premiere for Europe’s largest model railroad event: IMA is coming to Faszination Modellbau 2022!

When Faszination Modellbau calls, model building fans from all sectors make their way to Friedrichshafen. This is where drones and drifters, truckers and tankers, train drivers and airship captains meet. This year’s event, which will take place from November 04-06, 2022, is a highlight especially for the model railroad community, because Europe’s largest model railroad event, IMA – International Exhibition for Model Railways and Accessories, will be held for the first time in parallel with Faszination Modellbau and the Echtdampf Hallentreffen in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, in the beautiful border triangle of the DACH region. And the best: All three events are included for the visitors: 1 ticket – 3 events with spectacular shows and a multimedia supporting program for the whole family!

Looking forward to the International Model Railway Exhibition 2022

The uniquely personal atmosphere, the excellent infrastructure and the wonderfully unconventional cooperation between all participants are unbeatable benefits of the established model building location Friedrichshafen. Especially for the major brand manufacturers in the model railroad industry, such as Märklin, Faller, Bemo, Herpa, Lenz Elektronik, Lemke Collection, SB Modellbau and ESU electronic solutions Ulm, the International Model Railroad Exhibition 2022 is the highlight event of the year. Eric-Michael Peschel, Head of Event Marketing at Märklin, assured us last year: “I can promise you that at IMA, which will be held for the first time at the Friedrichshafen location, we will build up bigger and also have our Insider, Trix and LGB clubs there. You will experience the full commitment from Märklin. It’s definitely worth the trip!”

Happiness to the fullest

The travel adventure into wonderfully colorful and diverse miniature worlds begins just as you enter the two exhibition halls where model trains are the focus of IMA. Here, showcase stars, track giants and rolling stock from a wide variety of historical periods shine. They chug, steam and glide in all gauges over Europe’s most beautiful railroad tracks and through fabulously charming places. The model railroad layouts of the clubs and associations will be presented live on their platforms, true to reality and reproduced with great attention to detail, and will provide fans, families, and interested parties with hands-on technical know-how, history, and understanding. Gladly also in personal conversation with the creators.

The award-winning brand-name and small-series manufacturers are also on hand with their high-quality products for all aspects of technical and design miniature equipment and accessories. One thing is for sure, whether classic analog or modern digital, the model railroad hobby spreads happiness to all generations who attend IMA.

Functional modelling at its best!

The functional model building also makes you very happy: Bear-powered construction machines, snow groomers and agricultural machinery perform a graceful-looking excavator ballet by executing precisely coordinated work sequences perfectly on the naturalistically built courses. The high-tech racing drones in the FPV Drone Race, on the other hand, zoom through the high-speed course with little regard for others, always with the finish line in sight. Despite speeds of up to 100 km/h and an iron will to win, the cool RC runabouts and bikes slide across the track at the German Open RC-Car Masters according to a set race procedure in order to secure a place on the winner’s podium. Mega monster trucks, racy RC bikes with and without sidecars as well as powerful dragsters compete in wild shows for the favor of the audience and show functional modelling at its best!

Action in all elements

In the sky, on earth and in the water – at Faszination Modellbau there is action in all elements: In the airspace of the two spacious foyers, the elegant airships and individual RC slowflyers cavort for the popular indoor action, the unique outdoor flying field of the Lake Constance Airport is the action point for the model pilots of the professional pilots at the renowned international FMT air show “Stars of the Year” and on the cool trade fair lake, no model fan stays dry when the racing boats make their circles. Speaking of speedsters, which cult red car has twelve cylinders, a sleek body, and is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year? That’s right, the Ferrari! And if you keep your eyes open, you can even discover the cult vehicle in its original size on the magnificent exhibition grounds. Perhaps the fiery red cult runabout is parked in one of the bright, open exhibition halls, where it’s wonderful to stroll, store, marvel and join in the fun.

Express yourself – Model making in action

Experience model making in action – that’s what the exhibitors and clubs at Faszination Modellbau offer younger visitors with cool hands-on activities where they can test their craft and technical skills. Together with the professionals and their expert tips, they put their creative ideas into practice and can proudly carry them home afterwards.

And anyone who would like to present their self-created projects live to the model building public at Faszination Modellbau as an ideal participant can register for this via the website www.faszination-modellbau.de.

Good to know! The IMA with Faszination Modellbau and the Echtdampf Hallentreffen are accompanied and celebrated by an agile and enthusiastic social community with a total of over 20,000 fans. Those who network with us will always stay up-to-date on our trade fair highlights:

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Instagram: Int. Model railroad exhibition
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All information on the 20th FASZINATION MODELLBAU, Leading International Trade Fair for Model Railways and Model Making, and the 38th INTERNATIONAL MODELLBAHN EXHIBITION for Model Railways and Accessories, can be found at www.faszination-modellbau.de and www.ima-friedrichshafen.de.

Exhibition date 2022

04 -06 November 2022


Friedrichshafen Trade Fair
Neue Messe 1
88046 Friedrichshafen

Opening hours

Friday-Saturday: 09:00-18:00
Sunday: 09:00-17:00

Admission prices

Day ticket adults: 16,00 €
Day ticket reduced: 13,00 €
(Youths between 9 and 17 years, pupils, students, pensioners and other authorized persons with ID)
Family ticket: 40,00 €
(2 adults + 2 own children from 9 to 17 years)

Children up to 8 years have free admission

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