29. September 2022

Press info from 29.09.2022: The model building event from 04.-06.11.2022 is a dream trio!

With Faszination Modellbau, the International Model Railway Exhibition and the Echtdampf-Hallentreffen in Friedrichshafen

Europe’s largest model building trade show, Faszination Modellbau, Europe’s largest model railroad event, the International Model Railroad Exhibition, and the iconic Echtdampf Hallentreffen will be held as a trio in Friedrichshafen for the first time. Here visitors will be offered the whole modelling universe for three days! And best of all: All three events are included for the trade fair audience: 1 ticket – 3 events that invite you to marvel, look and store!

In nine exhibition halls, in the Foyer West, on the outdoor area with the exhibition lake and in the inner courtyard as well as on the directly adjacent flying field, the world of miniatures on land, on water and in the air will be presented with spectacular demonstrations and shows for the whole family. Here is an excerpt of the highlights of the trade fair trio: The industry leader Märklin celebrates the IMA, the trendy e-sport drone racing rocks the Drone Championship in the specially built race track, fast-as-an-arrow RC cars drift around the German Open Masters race track, ocean liners and elegant sailors relax in the indoor water pool, the real steamers celebrate pure live steam action, and on the podiums of all the exhibition halls, nostalgia inspires as much as modern technology. Furthermore, the model sports manufacturer Multiplex will be back with a large booth, a strong team and new products. And Carrera Revell will be presenting itself as a group of companies for the first time, introducing its new range of products and services with podcasts directly from the trade fair. Model builder Aero-naut is also particularly pleased to celebrate its 100th anniversary with visitors to Faszination Modellbau this year and will unveil anniversary models made in Germany on site in Friedrichshafen. This means that visitors can expect an amazing model building event package at Faszination Modellbau in Friedrichshafen’s border triangle from November 4 to 6, 2022!

Railroad power to the full

IMA celebrates its premiere in Friedrichshafen in two large exhibition halls. There will also be a big station at the Märklin booth. As the head of event marketing at Märklin, Eric-Michael Peschel, has revealed to us, the Insider, Trix and LGB Clubs will be doing the honors, a large Märklin crew will be on hand to provide highly competent advice to interested customers, the Märklineum will be presenting its exclusive products and the surprise model will ensure excitement among rail fans. All gauge sizes will be on display in the form of layouts and kids & families can look forward to a colorful playground. Märklin will be celebrating two special anniversaries at IMA 2022: 50 years of the Mini Club and 50 years of Z gauge.

Numerous clubs and associations also arrive in full force to present their realistic model railroad layouts in the two IMA exhibition halls. Lovely accents, small details as well as adorable eye-catchers can be discovered in every single miniature landscape. The special kick is provided by modern elements, high-quality digital components and interesting technical functions. The model railroad professionals will be happy to explain how it works and how it is implemented directly at the exhibits, and if you ask nicely, you will certainly be allowed to drive a train over the layout yourself. Novelties can also be looked forward to, such as at the stand of exhibitor Viessmann, which will bring its motorized road vehicles with the revolutionary technology “CarMotion”. The Big Show of railroad models will be complete with an extensive range of rolling stock in all gauges, propulsion technology, track, model railroad software, landscape models, figures, lighting technology and accessories of all kinds.

Top program of air acts of the FMT “Stars of the Year” and the FMT Indoor Action.

The FMT airshow “Stars of the Year” will once again combine the fantastic performances of the international model aviation scene with a top program on the fantastic grounds of Lake Constance Airport on all three days of the fair. Excellent aerial maneuvers, finely tuned sky choreographies and record-breaking speed challenges will be demonstrated by highly experienced aerialists and their scale flying machines. Among others, the exceptional pilot Gernot Bruckmann, who was appointed ambassador of model aviation by the German Model Aviation Association, will be at the start, as well as the Red Bull Aerobatic team, which is famous for its precise aerobatics. One thing is certain: friends of large models are guaranteed to get their money’s worth here with lots of speed, action, smoke and engine noise. It’s just fun to watch and cheer along in every respect.

Fans of featherweight indoor flying models are drawn to the FMT indoor action in Foyer West. The display commitments with new constructions are promising: Ralph Kayser presents his amazing Fliewatüüt on the 30×30 m indoor flying field, Dietmar Metz brings his Lukas der Lokomotivführer and the Tri-Jet. Daniel Hör, Chris Tittel and Jürgen Schönle will also be at the start with their Ultralight helis. Many thanks already to all pilots who will come to Friedrichshafen to give fans and families a fascinating taste of this heavenly hobby.

Great role models for little powerhouses

Original meets miniature model at Faszination Modellbau! Fechtner Modellbau places a full-size crane in the courtyard of Messe Friedrichshafen. The model en miniature with many functions of the large prototype, can be found at the stand of the supplier, in addition to a large selection of high-quality accessories. As always, ScaleArt is the right place for those looking for something special: the model construction company has all kinds of new products from the field of functional model construction, a special exhibition on the subject of the Unimog with a corresponding show, and the presentation of the limited Classic Line in store for visitors to the trade fair.

The model truck trial provides entertaining heavy live action freely according to the motto “try an fail”, try and fail. On a very demanding course with steep descents, mud puddles and obstacles, the miniature trucks face the difficult off-road course, with the motivation to reach the finish safely and flawlessly. Right next door on the 1:12 construction machinery course, small powerhouses such as construction vehicles, trucks, excavators, forklifts and tracked vehicles are also on the move with precision and skill, performing heavy-duty work here. After all, they too are true-to-scale and detailed structural replicas of their full-size counterparts and can perform many functions 1:1. This makes the drivers and enthusiastic spectators happy, for whom the work is always the pleasure!

Maximum steam atmosphere at the real steam hall meeting

The Echtdampf-Hallentreffen is the world’s largest live steam event of its kind and excites Echtdampf fans every year anew. The centerpiece of this cult event is the unique 5 inch and 7 ¼ inch track layout of more than 4 km in length. Here, nostalgic locomotives and locomobiles move toggling and chugging through Halls B2 and B3 at Messe Friedrichshafen. Boarding and riding along is expressly desired! A special highlight of this year’s live steam indoor meeting will be the operation of a “steam carriage” pulled by a Fowler D5 traction engine. The original 1924 steam tractor makes its rounds with other whimsical street steam engines during daily parade tours. In addition, a variety of fully functional steam-powered models of railroads, road vehicles, ships and stationary equipment can be admired in the halls. Maximum steam atmosphere and a trip back in time are guaranteed when experiencing these fabulous machines!

Craftsmanship and passion in every detail

Ferrari turns 75 years young, congratulations! It not only houses a twelve-cylinder engine, but also craftsmanship and passion in every detail. Just like in the models of the Plastik-Modellbau-Club Bodensee, which is traditionally present again at Faszination Modellbau with its members, friendly clubs and individual exhibitors from all over Europe. In the anniversary year of the racy cult racer, the club is dedicating its 2022 special show to the “Ferrari myth” and will be presenting a large number of diverse models ranging in scale from 1:8 to 1:24 in Friedrichshafen. And those who want to marvel at a full-size Ferrari up close can do so as well, because as a very special highlight, the show organizers will bring along a real Ferrari.

Shows, action, lectures & more

The exhibitors, clubs and associations at the Faszination Modellbau Friedrichshafen experience fair will be organizing lots of shows, action, lectures, competitions and hands-on activities for the model building community, technology fans and families every day in the halls, the foyers and on the open-air grounds.

Who else will be there and what highlights Faszination Modellbau has in store for the international model building community can be easily checked on the Faszination Modellbau social media channels:

Faszination Modellbau

Fascination model making

Int. Modellbahn-Ausstellung

Int. Modellbahn-Ausstellung

Real steam hall meeting

Faszination Modellbau

All information on the 20th FASZINATION MODELLBAU, Leading International Trade Fair for Model Railways and Model Making, and the 38th INTERNATIONAL MODELLBAHN EXHIBITION for Model Railways and Accessories, can be found at www.faszination-modellbau.de and www.ima-friedrichshafen.de.

Exhibition date 2022 04 – 06 November 2022
Venue Friedrichshafen Trade Fair
Neue Messe 1
88046 Friedrichshafen
Opening hours Friday-Saturday
Admission prices
at the box office
Day ticket adults 16,00 €
Day ticket reduced € 13.00
(Youths between 9 and 17 years, pupils, students, pensioners and other authorized persons with ID)
Family ticket 40,00 €
(2 adults + 2 own children from 9 to 17 years old)Children up to 8 years old are admitted free of charge.

We look forward to your reports and announcements. You can find pictures here: https://www.faszination-modellbau.de/presse/ and here https://www.ima-friedrichshafen.de/presse/