10. January 2024

The Dampffreunde Friedrichshafen will be there again

The invention and further development of prime movers or engines was the basic prerequisite for the development of technically based mobility. The very first usable power engines were steam engines followed by internal combustion engines.

Well, the Dampffreunde Friedrichshafen are enthusiastic fans of technical functional model making and the historical engines are the models for their fully functional models: steam engines, first generation combustion engines, but also the lesser known Stirling and Vacuum engines are in the repertoire of these hobby mechanics. But they also build steamboats, tractors and many other things, all fully functional of course.

The Dampffreunde Friedrichshafen are looking forward to many interested visitors at their booth to admire their self-made mechanical works of art. The stand of the Dampffreunde Friedrichshafen is located in hall A2.